Public Information Monitors


Contact  v.2.7

Contact database and calendar for personal & business use. Store information about anything or anyone - personal or public information - and easy retrieval of all information. Store and retrieve events, holidays, vacation schedules,

Dockside  v.1.3

Dockside is a desktop companion application which provides quick access to a growing list of system and internet information monitors.


JavaWall Cubes Tuning

The program is intended for chromaticity and geometrical videowall adjustment. Geometry and color calibration of the Display Wall Modules (Videocubes, Front or Rear projection systems, et?). Available tests patterns: grid, circles, chess-board, vertical

BobStat PopNote  v.2. 1. 2001

We collect information about your visitors and produce reports contained: Page views, Unique Ip, Visits, Origin, Technical and Referrer information.

DAT Partners  v.3. 7. 2003

DAT Partners is North America's leading network of the freshest information, the broadest range of delivery methods and the best customer support available in a freight matching service.

SignageStudio  v.3.0.1108

The SignageStudio is at the core of the Digital Signage platform. It is where you will spend most of your time building, configuring, controlling and maintaining your complete digital signage platform.

NewtonAycliffe School Records

NewtonAycliffe school records finder. Search NewtonAycliffe school records. School records are protected by a number of federal and state statutes and regulations. Generally, school records can not be released without the prior permission of the

Omnivex DataPipe Server  v.3 6

Omnivex DataPipe Server is the central clearing point or 'hub' for all networked data activity. Multiple DataPipe 3 Clients can connect via TCP/IP to the DataPipe 3 Server, enabling users across the network to share all contributed data.

Collection of C++ Builder Examples  v.6.0

Collection of C++ Builder examples and tutorials with full source code, project files and animated tutorials.

Free Digital Signage Software  v.1.0

FutureSignz provides digital signage and narrowcasting platform. FutureSignz helps you promote your products and brands,

Weather 1  v.8.50

If you are a junketing lover you should know that it is very important to learn about the weather conditions. Of course we can listen to the radio or watch the TV to learn the weather status. But we usually miss the correct broadcast time of it.

Oshkosh 360  v.

Oshkosh 360 is an Unoffical Window Phone application for the EAA's AirVenture™ Airshow and Fly-in. Oshkosh 360 is the first application to come to Windows Phone to keep EAA members, Pilots and Aviation Enthusiast informed. With Oshkosh 360 you can

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